Profesional Vacuum Packing Machine 400

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Vacuum packing machine to vacuum all solid food, powder, soft foods, seeds, pharmaceuticals producer ... 
involves removing the air inside of a wrapper in order to extend the shelf life of a food by stopping the activity of aerobic bacteria included in them. 
Packaged products are thus protected from oxidation, mold, insects or moisture, can be kept fresh for a long storage period. 

• Ease of use: Pressing down the cover of the vacuum chamber, the machine automatically cycle vacuum; vacuum sealed, sealing and cooling.
• Temperature and welding time adjustable flexibility, adapting to a variety of materials and bags of different sizes. 
• Equipped with safety protection and grounding stop button to deal with emergency situations. 
• The control panel is scanned computer. 
• 18/10 stainless steel body. 
• Cuba 18/10 stainless steel, easy to clean. 
• High - quality pumps that reach up to 99.5% vacuum. 
• Easy to program and use. 
• very robust transparent acrylic cover. 
• Double seal to ensure a good seal. 
• Cooling of welding. 

Pump capacity (m3): 10 
bar welding (mm): 400x8
Power (W) 370 
chamber dimensions (mm): 370x420x90 (50) 
Outer dimensions (mm): 470x480x350 
Net Weight (kg): 43


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Profesional Vacuum Packing Machine 400

Profesional Vacuum Packing Machine 400

Commercial vacuum packing machine of 400 for bakery, pastry and ice cream. Vacuum sealing machine by time for restaurants and bars.