Manual Dough Divider Rounder

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Mechanical operating machine. The pressing, cutting and final rounding phases are carried out with levers, while the adjustment of the forming chamber is carried out with a control lever that includes a numerical scale. The machine is delivered with a total of 3 plates.

The manual divider boleadoras are machines that allow to cut a piece of raw dough into smaller pieces and successively, thanks to an oscillating plate, round each of the pieces until obtaining balls of the same shape and weight in a few seconds!

Work cycle
1. manually enter the plate;
2. regulate the opening of the camera;
3. with the press and cut levers;
4. operate the rounding lever;
5. Take out the plate with the balls formed.

Steel frame electro-welded painted;
Coatings in varnished steel or stainless steel.
Tubes and heads of anticorodal aluminum MG5 with anodization;
Knives and grilles made of 304 stainless steel;
Inside surface of the PE500 lid and food polyethylene pressure devices;
Food polyethylene plates PETG;
Aluminum ring with chemical nickel coating.

All machines are supplied as standard with 400 volt 50 Hz 3 phase connection. Upon request, they can be supplied with different voltages.

All machines comply with CE regulations and are manufactured in Italy.

Divisions: 15
Circle shape
Minimum weight: 150 gr
Maximum weight: 360 gr
Basin capacity: 5.5 kg
Diameter of the head: 400 mm
Capacity per hour: 1800

Divisions: 22
Circle shape
Minimum weight: 60 gr
Maximum weight: 220 gr
Basin capacity: 5 kg
Diameter of the head: 400 mm
Capacity per hour: 2600

Divisions: 30
Circle shape
Minimum weight: 40 gr
Maximum weight: 135 gr
Basin capacity: 4 kg
Diameter of the head: 400 mm
Capacity per hour: 3600


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Manual Dough Divider Rounder

Manual Dough Divider Rounder

Manual dough divider and rounder for bakery and pastry.