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Hot display cabinet ideal for
presentation and exhibition of hot products
such as pizzas, pastries, snacks, etc.
• Preserves food temperature
exposed to an optimum temperature of
consumption, since heat is distributed throughout
the interior through a fan creating a
homogeneous temperature on all shelves of
• Working temperature 30 ° C to 90 ° C.
• Provision is supplied with 2 shelves
height adjustable.
• The product replacement is done using
the 2 rear sliding doors.
• To increase product exposure, all showcases have lighting.

Measures: 700 x 462 x 663 mm
Power: 800 W
Capacity: 100 liters

Measures: 700 x 604 x 675 mm
Power: 800 W
Capacity: 120 liters

Measures: 880 x 604 x 675 mm
Power: 1500 W
Capacity: 160 liters


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Hot Display Cabinet

Hot Display Cabinet

Hot display cabinet on small counter.
Hot table stand with 3 levels and 2 shelves
to expose and heat food.