Bakery Equipment

At iGoodCake we offer a complete line of commercial Bakery Equipment to all pastry and bakery professionals. Our wide range of industrial bakery equipment comprises from machinery for preparation and processing of products and dough, such as spiral and planetary mixers, commercial bakery ovens; electric and gas convection ovens, industrial refrigeration for the preservation and exhibition of products such as freezers and industrial refrigerators, and small machinery for your shop or workshop such as hot chocolate dispensers, waffles machines and vacuum packing machines. Being the ideal complement to our Bakery Display Cases, here you will find all the bakery equipment machinery you need, to start or remodel your business with! We want to become your all-in-one Bakery Equipment Supplier!

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  • Commercial Convection...

    iGoodCake offers you a wide range of commercial bakery convection ovens. Countertop, bread, rack and rotary industrial bakery ovens, electric or gas. High quality and performance bakery ovens that will make the best of your recipies!

  • Planetary Mixers

    iGoodCake offers you a wide range of commercial planetary mixers that are great for mixing, beating, and whipping cake mixes, dough and pastry. Bakery planetary mixers available in different models of 7, 10, 20 and 40 liters!

  • Commercial Immersion...

    High quality range of commercial immersion blenders for bakery and hospitalityProfessional hand and stick blenders for restaurant and bar. High power hand mixers.

  • Blenders

    Commercial powerfull blenders and smoothie makers to blend food, shakes, smoothies and fruit that also allow to crush ice. For professional and home use.

  • Spiral Mixers

    iGoodCake offers you a wide range of commercial spiral dough mixers. Industrial dough kneading machines for bread and pizza. Ideal for bakery profesionals and pizza restaurants.

  • Commercial Refrigerators

    Industrial refrigerators and commercial fridges for bakeries, restaurants and bars. Glass door fridges for the display of bakery and pastry as well as food and drinks.

  • Commercial Freezers

    iGoodCake presents its line of commercial freezers for your bakery, ice cream shop or hospitality business. We have a wide range of upright freezers, chest freezers and glass door freezers for the perfect preservation of your frozen products and exposition of your cakes and ice creams.

  • Blast Freezers

    A blast freezer is a valuable ally in pastry making it possible to keep food freshness intact, protect food against bacterial aggression and prolonging its shelf life, and with maximum hygiene and flexibility, planning production and avoiding waste, allowing considerable benefits in terms of time and cost reduction in processing.

    iGoodCake blast chillers are the ideal instrument for chefs, confectioners and ice cream shops that require professional reliability and ease of use.

    Also in the process of making traditional ice cream, the use of the commercial blast freezer or shock freezer, allows to increase the qualitative and production standards, always guaranteeing creamy ice cream and with great flavor.

  • Vacuum Packing Machines

    Store and keep your food as fresh as possible with a vacuum packing machine! Vacuum-packed products can last 3 to 5 times longer than non-packaged foods, which helps reduce spoilage of foods and prolong the fresh taste of food. A professional food vacuum sealer removes all air from vacuum seal bags and creates a leakproof seal to prevent spills.

    In iGoodCake you will be able to choose between commercial vacuum packing machines sealing by time or by sensor, with different sizes depending on the product that you want to pack.

  • Bread Slicers

    Wide range of iGoodCake bread slicers. Industrial bread cutters in the three usual widths: 320 mm, 430 mm and 520 mm. Commerical bread slicer machine available in both single and three phase voltage. Bread slicing machines to cut different types of bread.

  • Commercial Orange Juicers

    Professional orange juicers. Two models of electric juicers for you to chose: manual with lever or automatic. Juicers and juice extractors for industrial usage. If you owne a bar, restaurant, coffee shop, bakery or a pastry shop and you serve breakfasts, an orange juicer is an indispensable machine for you!

  • Hot Chocolate Dispensers

    Hot chocolate dispensers that warm and mix chocolate in a special way that assures its smoothness and thickness. The professional Worldchoc chocolate machine warms up the chocolate using the bain marie method.

  • Tins and Trolleys

    iGoodCake offers you a wide range of tins, pans and trolleys for profesional bakeries. Stainless steel baking rack for 60x40 cm aluminium baking pans for industrial ovens.

  • Dough Sheeters

    Industrial dough sheeters to laminate all types of dough with maximum precision. Pastry and bakery dough rolling machines with two different models to choose from: table top and stand sheeters.

  • Dividers and Rounders

    In iGoodCake you find the machine to cut or round the dough that best suits your needs, with manual, semi-automatic, and automatic models for bakery and pastry professionals.

    The dough divider is a fast and reliable machine that cuts a piece of raw dough in several portions and also offers the possibility of creating different shapes, without spoiling the characteristics of the product.

    The dough divider and rounder is a machine that cuts a piece of raw dough in small portions and, using an oscillating plate, then rolls each piece to obtain balls of the same weight and shape, all in a few seconds.

  • Commercial Waffle...

    Electric industrial hothouses for the hotel industry. Professional waffle machines with cast iron plates for any type of establishment; cafeteria, bakery, bakery, restaurant, catering or street vending.

  • Commercial Crepe Machines

    Industrial electric or gas crepe machine to make crepes, pancakes, pancakes, blinis or tortillas. Professional crepe machines for catering with cast iron plates for any type of establishment; cafeteria, bakery, bakery, restaurant, catering or street vending.