Baking Tools & Equipment

In iGoodCake we offer the most extensive selection of tools, utensils and accessories for baking and confectionery: Fondant mats and texturizers, cookie cutters, pastry nozzles and sleeves, spatulas and whisks, rollers, measuring tools, stencils and much more!
*Here* we leave you some examples of creations that you can make with our utensils, your imagination is the limit!

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  • Fondant Tools

    iGoodCake provides you with all the cake decorating tools and icing cutters you need to create fun fondant shapes, including fondant letter cutters, plunger cutters, pastry bag, fondant embosser and more. 

  • Fondant Mat

    The iGoodCake line of rolling mats and pins create detail on fondant in seconds. Choose from our variety of designs. Impression mats are ideal for embossing recessed patterns onto your cake in seconds. Easily roll out your fondant, place your mat on top and roll over once to imprint your design. Our sizeable silicone mats accommodate your larger cakes.

  • Silicone Baking Mat

    Forget the parchment paper! Our eco-friendly mat is made of FDA approved silicone so you could bake on it. Temperature resistant from -40 ᵒC to 230 ᵒC. Available in a variety of sizes from toaster oven to an enormous work mat. Use for fondant, baking, cookies, different occasions.

  • Baking Utensils

    iGoodCake provide all your pastry and bakery demand. With a wide variety of professional kitchen tools, pastry wheel, oven mitts and knives etc, you will be creating art with your new found skills.

  • Biscuit Cutters

    iGoodCake provide more than 50 different biscuit cutters in permanent stock. It is a reference of biscuit decoration with the latest forms in the world. Our catalogue of biscuit cutters is continually updated, both according to the current news and the seasons of the year (Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Valentine's Day).

  • Piping Bag & Nozzle

    Pastry piping bag and nozzles for creating different shapes: round, petals, stars ... Fun accompanies your imagination with all the possibilities you have to decorate cakes with glazes and creams.

    Each nozzle has a size and requires a specific adapter. Check each nozzle to know which are the best complements for each case.

  • Silicone Spatula & Whisk

    Spatulas are the most useful tool in every kitchen! Made of stainless steel blades and plastic grip. Available in either straight or offset blades. A quick and simple way to add a design to the side of your buttercream and whip cream cakes.

    iGoodCake provides perfect weight and size of stainless steel wires. The range of different whisks fulfill every serious baker's requirement for the proper fit with each bowl or sauce pan.

  • Rolling Pin

    iGoodCake rolling pins are necessary tools in any kitchen, bakery, pizzeria or restaurant. They allow users to easily roll dough for cakes, pizza, pie, quiche, sugar cookies or fondant, in the form of thin sheets to be able to cut them later. If you are looking for a traditional wooden rolling pin, or you are in need of a polyethylene or acrylic plastic pastry roller ideal for rolling fondant and rubber paste, we are sure to have the best option for you.

  • Measuring Utensils

    We already know about the measuring cups and spoons also scales in the article on measures and equivalences in confectionery. Many foreign (especially American and English) recipes measure the ingredients to this extent. 1 cup equals 250ml of liquid. If you do not want to go crazy doing calculations in the kitchen and measuring ingredients in different units, it would be very interesting to do with a converter of measures of confectionery or with a set of measuring cups and spoons also scales. You will see the difference!

  • Stencils

    Stencils can be used in plenty of particular ways with a variety of mediums and create the most stunning designs on your creations.They come in a vast selection of designs. They are suitable for using with cakes, cupcakes and biscuits. It can really add the fantastic factor to your fondant work.

    They are available in different sizes depending on their use. An application allows to be used in several times, and when the adhesion is too low can be cleaned with solvent and reapplied a new layer of adhesive.

  • Small Kitchen Appliance

    The suitable small appliance can absolutely set apart a kitchen and add just the right unique detail to personalize it. Here iGoodCake provide an surprising selection of small appliances at reasonable prices.